Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Updated

Well I got most of what we have been doing! I didn't realize how far behind I was! Right now Blake is still not really talking. We have a hearing test ordered for him and he starts speech therapy this month. I am excited to have this kid talk and tell me what in the world he wants!! It has been very hard on both of us but we are getting better at communicating! I have been obsessed with pinterest and doing projects from there and just being home! I have had two job offers that I had to turn down because of daycare issues and it really makes me sad but my children come first, right? I am just so anxious to get out in the field and learn more and work!! Dan and I as always are starting a new business adventure but this time it is solid. As it comes closer for everything to unfold I will tell but for now my lips are sealed! I can just say that I am unbelievably excited!!!!!


We made a VERY last minute trip up to Utah for Thanksgiving. It was the trip I needed. The kids played and we barely saw them or even heard from them and us girl laughed and laughed the whole time. Best therapy a girl could ever ask for! Dan did get the pukes a night we were there but was better the next day so we weren't sure what is was, but with all the kids in the house to say the least we were all a bit terrified of the flu! Here are some pictures of our adventures!


What an amazing day on so many levels!!! I cannot describe the joy I felt over this event. Shane was ready and prepared. Dan gave him an amazing blessing that blew me away. I was just one proud mama!!!!

Two birds with one stone

Shane's birthday is October 23rd and Blake's is the 24th. My grandparents were in town so we headed over to my dad's house and had their birthdays together. I again forgot my camera so I took a few pictures with my cell phone and they turned out kind of crummy but they are pictures! They had fun! I made homemade pizzas and a strawberry cake that Shane requested. Dan took Shane to go see a movie and he was pretty pumped just by that!


This year we were completely broke, so we used what ever we had around the house and in our dress up box. Thank goodness for yard sales!!! Brock looked like a midget with a huge head LOL but all in all it turned out pretty cute :)


We had an 80's day at school, here are some pics, oh and me GRADUATING!!!!!! I am officially a licensed cosmetologist!!! I took a ridiculously long time but I finally did it!!!!

First Day of School

So ironically the school is just about over, but here is the first day of school pictures!! They are both doing really well. Brock has just rocked Kindergarten! I was super nervous about him being such a new 5 year old and going to all day Kindergarten but he has not only done amazing he has really flourished! He has an amazing teacher. I really dislike Shane's teacher and they ended up taking a third grade teacher and moving her to second grade and I volunteered him to go to the new teacher and he is doing a lot better with her. It is so nice but also so weird having the boys gone all day long. I miss them but really love having so much one on one with Blake who really needs it right now!!